Wrong Number

So a few nights ago I got a strange call from a creepy old guy. Below is a transcript of the conversation translated in English:

Me: Hello (In English).

Creepy old man: Hello? (In Japanese)

Me: Yes, hello? (In Japanese)

Creepy old Guy: Aya-chan?

Me: No.

Creepy Old Guy: What do you mean, “no”? …so what’s up?

Me: I’m pretty sure you have the wrong number.

Creepy Old Guy: Don’t tease me you, bully.

Me: No, I really think you have the wrong number. I am not Aya-chan. I am a male foreigner. My name is—never mind, I don’t want to tell you my na-

Creepy Old Guy: Stop playing games! I love you!

I hung up at that point. Maybe living in Japan isn’t so great…

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