In Praise of Greatness

Michael f%&’ing Vick.

Two years removed from dog killing, prison, alienating an entire city’s fan base, and setting an NFL franchise back 5 or 6 years, he drops this bomb on us Monday night.

20 for 28 (72% comp) 333 yds. 4 TD’s

8 for 80 yds rushing (10 ypr) 2 TD’s

Are you kidding me?! 6 total TD’s and over 400 yards of offense while producing 0 turnovers? In one game?! And this offense-gasm didn’t come against  the 2007 Lions’ secondary or anything. This year’s Native Americans’ defense has been pretty average, and had a few shut-down/superb performances (Note: I don’t call them the Redskins since that name is offensive), including a 4 pick game against the Bears and DeAngelo Hall’s favorite quarterback,  Jay “Redzone INT” Cutler. And yet, our boy Michael Vick and the Eagles carved them up for 59 points. How is this fair? During 6 years in Atlanta, Vick’s offensive repertoire was :

A. Overthrow Roddy White

B. Complete a 4 to 7 yard pass to Alge Crumpler

C. Rush for a few yards, maybe break out a big run on occasion

D. Awkwardly scramble around the pocket looking like Redd Foxx from Sanford and Son, and then lose 15 yards on a sack.

Fast forward to 2010 and he’s carving up a decent defense like it ain’t no thang. Just having his way with them like Kobe in a Denver hotel. Why, God? Why couldn’t he have been doing this for my team? Why did his focus need to be on filming Vitamin Water commercials and killing puppies instead of training and learning the playbook?

I hate Michael Vick. I do. It hurts me to see him play so well, and achieve such success for another franchise. But you know what? At some point you need to put your grudges aside and recognize greatness.

His performance Monday night was greatness. I don’t mean he had a good game for the season; we’re talking historical levels of dominance. The numbers tell half the story. Look at the highlights from that game. None of the 11 players on defense across the field from him had any answers for Michael Vick. Why? Because when he plays like that, there are no answers. Field 5 defensive backs, drop linebackers into coverage, and lock down his receivers, and he runs forward half the field. Stack the box and defend against a run, and he completes an 82 yard bomb to DeSean Jackson. Nothing you can do. What we saw Monday night was the reason my boys the Falcons drafted him #1. What we saw was the most talented player in NFL history finally delivering on what we were promised. And I mean it; I’m not weaving gross hyperbole right now. Of course, other players have been “better” than Vick, but none have been as talented. No one has ever displayed such a  blend of speed, vision, elusiveness (is that even a word? Elusivity?), and a laser/cannon/bazooka/sniper rifle arm. I hope Vince Young saw the game while he was sitting on the sidelines not starting for the Titans, and I hope he cried. I hope he cried and realized what a sad poor man’s version of Vick he is. I hope Jeff Fisher and Bud Adams saw it too, and I hope they cried too. Start Rusty Smith! That is a football player! But I digress.

Monday night, against the Redskins, Michael Vick finally played the way we had all been expecting him to. And it was scary/gorgeous. And if he does it again next week, wow. And if he figures out how to produce numbers like that steadily, watch out NFL. Greatness is tough to defend.

Later days,

Ser Sagramore

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