Nico Touches the Walls

And yet another Japanese rock band I’ve been into recently. They provided a couple theme songs to the anime Naruto, which you should also watch if you haven’t, by the way.

Right, so after hearing them on the show, I did a bit of research at Tsutaya, which lets me rent cd’s and rip them onto my computer providing an illogically guilt-free piracy method. They’re sort of a strange band in that they’re songs aren’t really all great, but they have just enough good ones to warrant listening and buying some cd’s. Their sound is just sort of standard rock, but done well. Some of their stuff actually reminds me of later Incubus. That’s a good thing, by the way.

Here’s some links to try out. Give them a shot. Everyone deserves one. Even bands with ridiculous names.

Have fun.


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