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Well…the 6th headline down on the ESPN homepage was this little gem of an article. No lies, at first I was damn excited to see my Hawks had made a trade. But then I read the specifics.  I am at a loss for words.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks to me like the Hawks traded Mike Bibby’s corpse, 2 young reserve players, and a first round draft pick for Kirk Hinrich. If you have no idea who Kirk Hinrich is, that just proves my point. Kirk Hinrich was until recently the second string point guard on the Wizards. Ladies and gentlemen, the Hawks traded 3 players and a FIRST round draft pick for a point guard who couldn’t find his way into the starting line up of the second worst team in the league. Are you kidding me?!

On the heels of the Nyets pilfering top 3 point guard Deron Williams from Utah for Devin Harris’ corpse and Derrick Favors (who will never be good because he went to Georgia Tech), the best my Hawks can do is overpay for a white point guard who isn’t even Steve Nash?! Why couldn’t we get Deron? Throw Bibby at them! Draft picks! Anything!

This hurts. Having grown up in Atlanta, it’s just strange to see some teams’ goal is to actually win a championship. The Hawks seem happy to pay Joe Johnson as much as Kobe Bryant and secure the 5th seed in the East. Excelsior!

And don’t get me stareted on Joe Johnson! (rhetorical: I’m starting) This is a guy, who at his best, gives you 20-24 points a game, a few assists, and maybe one rebound. And after turning on his own fans, badmouthing Atlantans after they had the gall to boo and criticize Joe for completely choking up in a historic playoff sweep to the Magic, he gets rewarded with a max 6-year contract?! Apart from the fact our only tradeable asset, which may have been useful in getting a certain Jazz pg, is now untradeable, we also have to pay him Kobe Bryant money for next 6 years to ensure 1st and 2nd round playoff exits. Hooray!

New ownership/management, please.

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