Alright, time for another newly-discovered recording artist suggestion. This time we’re highlighting Japanese emo/punk rockers ONE OK ROCK.

I discovered this band while watching a late-night music ranking TV show. They did a little J-Rock segment, which featured a few different artists, and then spotlighted one of their music videos. The chorus was damn catchy, so I hit up my illegal internet sources and within 15 minutes owned their entire discography.

Their second album, Beam of Light, is pretty weak, and features the dreaded acoustic track, so I humbly suggest skipping that. Zeitakubyo (ゼイタクビョウ) and Kanjo Effect (感情EFFECT) are much better, and beyond being comparative relief, they are objectively good albums. Their latest, 2010’s Niche Syndrome, is probably my favorite. 完全感覚DREAMER and Liar would be key tracks on that one (links below). You’ll have to forgive the band’s liberal use of Engrish, but Japanese people seem to love singing in awkwardly-pronounced English. If you can get past that though, you’ll enjoy the music.

Here’s a trivia tidbit: According to Wikipedia, the group was formed in 2005, and they’ve already had one former memeber split due to creative differences, like all good rock bads. If a group has been together their whole career with no changes, they’re not worth listening to. Their name refers to “One o’clock,” which was when they used to practice in high school, but since the Japanese can’t differentiate r’s and l’s linguistically or conceptually, they jokingly referred to the band as “One o’crock.” Then that somehow became ONE OK ROCK.
完全感覚DREAMER clip
アンサイズにア clip
Liar clip



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