As everyone most likely knows by now, Northern Japan was struck by recorded history’s 5th strongest earthquake Friday, March 11th. The death toll sits at about 4,000 right now, and is growing by the hour. The Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant is losing reactors by the day, and power outages are affecting all of Eastern Japan. If you’d like to help, and do more than just read depressing facts online, please follow the links below to a few relief effort/donation sites.

Praying and wishing are great, but they don’t feed hungry mouths or build shelters.

The Salvation Army has a strong presence in Japan, and is a great point of contact.

All Hands is a smaller, but no less reputable, organization.

This is a Huffington post article with all sorts of links. I apologize for referencing the Huffington Post, but desperate times call for hyper-left wing blogs.

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