Podcast Episode 41

It's his own fault for killing his past self in a freak time travel accident.

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Opening Song : “Want You Gone” by Jonathan Coulton, vocals by Ellen McClain – Portal 2 OST
First Ending Song: “Cara Mia” by the Portal 2 Turrets – Portal 2 OST
Second Ending Song: Team Fortress 2 Main Theme – Team Fortress 2 OST
Ending Song: “The Doomsday” by SnappleMan, Ashane, and morg – Sonic 3: Project Chaos

Links for this episode:

Dancing With Eternity’s Amazon page, (if you click on the cover, I think it will show you the old cover I love so much). Link

DotA 2’s blog page. Link

Lord of the Rings: The War in the North main page. Link

John Patrick Lowrie’s Blog. Link

Anime Midwest (where they were when we recorded). Link

Geek Media Expo Vol.3 in Nashville (where they’ll be in October). Link

Thanks once again to Ellen and John for casting with us, especially since they had to do it in a hotel room. I’m sure we’ll be talking to them again come October, so if you’re in the Nashville area, come out to GMX and meet us.