5 thoughts on “Ondine Page 1”

  1. Every comic has to start somewhere. Also, there is more to the site than just the comic. The podcast has been going on for more than a year. We even just interviewed Ellen McClain, the voice of GlaDOS, and John Patrick Lowrie, another noted video game voice actor. The comic is just the newest addition to our content.

  2. Deprava: It’s nice to see a return to wordless comics. As a major fan of the graphic arts prior to the advent of the western comic tradition, I have high hopes that your story line will resonate without reliance on logocentrism.

  3. Upon reading the first few words of your comment, I was almost sure that my spam filter let one slip through the cracks. Thankfully your name stayed my hand. Many thanks for the words of encouragement.

  4. Commentary for Ondine Page 1:

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

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