10 thoughts on “Ondine Page 20”

  1. Yeah i thought this was gonna be interesting at first but now? jeez this looks like its taking a really bad turn… i originally thought this was gonna be some adventurous comic without words, that would be fun to interpret as i see, but this is just crap.

  2. (Man, I need to check comments more often.)
    @Tag and Sagramore: I deny deriving any sort of enjoyment out of this sequence, since [SPOILERS].

    @Liro: That’s unfortunate, but I never intended it to be a continuing series or an adventure. It’s more allegorical and symbolic than a literal narrative, and this was always the direction it was going to go.

  3. I was absolutely kidding of course. I am still thoroughly enjoying the work, Deprava. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

  4. Of course, of course. I didn’t think you were serious, but I was at a loss how to respond because [SPOILERS].

    When the story is finished, hopefully within the next couple of weeks, I intend to go back and append some notes and comments to the pages that explain some of my thinking and purpose behind the art direction and presentation (not the story or themes, obviously, since that defeats the purpose of no words), and I’ll address your comment – even though it was a joke – since the presentation of the images, and the titillation (or lack thereof) of the images, was something I spent a lot of time considering and trying to get right.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and I apologize for skipping a week a while back and falling a bit behind.

  5. I spend long hours considering titillation, as well. But I was really hoping for a sweet adventure comic without words I could interpret, maybe set in the HALO or Gears of War universe. But this is different, and so I’m disappointed, and am writing to let you know of it.

  6. Lirio, I sincerely hope you are kidding. If not, go find a fan boy site and ask them to create a wordless comic about one of your video game interests. I for one prefer original content stemming from unique ideas over trite reiterations of stories created for shooter video games.

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