Welcome Cookie

Having been kind enough to invite me to be a guest several times to their podcasts, your perspicacious duo has also granted me, Cookie, an invitation to post textual contributions to the Impetuous Windmills blog! And everyone is aware that ‘I write better than I talk.’

Although I enjoy the company of your humble hosts, I do not necessarily share their interests; you won’t see any reviews of movies, video games, or TV shows here, mostly because I don’t play many games, see many movies, or even watch TV. I do read books sometimes, but honestly I don’t really like doing reviews.

Instead, I’ll be bringing you information on random things Japan, some travel, and other things I find interesting. What you should know from the get-go is that I live in west Japan, in Hyogo Prefecture; I’m the editor of the monthly online PDF magazine Hyogo Times, and like to explore my mountain-valley home. I’m also currently (albeit at a very slow pace) taking part in the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage, which for me is a plot to visit  33 temples dedicated to Kannon in the Kansai area. I’m doing it for a variety of reasons, some of which would make you laugh, some of which would make you cry (to hear more about how I accidentally stumbled onto this pilgrimage, please see this page); I’ve been to five of the temples so far, and hope to complete the circuit before I leave Japan next year.

I’ll be posting soon with an actual bit of content, a look at one of my favorite holidays and how we’ve recreated it in my small town in Japan (without it becoming centered on cute furry animals… yet).

Til then!

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