Podcast Episode 54

He knows what it is.

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We apologize to pretty much everyone. Except Aris.

4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 54”

  1. Just as a little easter egg, I’ma say that COOKIE makes a statement that is ACTUALLY RACIST during the mini-discussion about RACISM.
    To the first person who can find it/point it out, I’ll have a free copy of the book mentioned in the cast (the one by Loco in Yokohama, Hi My Name is Loco and I Am a Racist) sent to you.

  2. Hi! My name is Loco and I just got wind of this podcast through goggle and i wanted thank you guys for briefly mentioning my book and the interesting discussion you guys had on race. If you’d like to interview me for the podcast I’m open to that. Let me know (-; Email: loco@locoinyokohama.com

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