The Family is Growing

Dear loyal readers and confused newcomers directed here by Google,

We’re expanding! I wish there were a longer version, but that’s sort of it. For a few months now, your beloved hosting duo has been grappling with better defining a focus for the website. We have decided to cast away the generic nothingness which has defined IW so far, and will from now embrace the Arts! (capital A) The website will now be a portal into the artistic souls of the IW community. I’ve listed below a few changes in bullet points to make everything seem more professional and planned than it actually was, since what it actually was may or may not be a 3 am drunken Skype chat between Deprava and Sagramore.

– The general focus of the website and the podcast will now be more in the lit/art vein, and less about 8-12 month old video games.

– Deprava and Sagramore will be slowly phasing out their pseudonyms for their real names, because grown men referring to themselves by made up vaguely Latin monikers and failed Arthurian knights is a bit ridiculous, really.

– We are welcoming 3 new contributors into the fold. All of you already know Emily, ie The Girl. She’s going to be posting little life observation type pieces, and maybe even snippets of the very interesting novel she’s working on HINT HINT WINK HINT WINK. Also joining us is Joe, an old friend of Sagr-Alessandro’s from his youthful days. Joe is an aspiring comic artis, I think, and will be using the site as a gallery for some stuff he’s working on. Finally, we’ve got John. He likes to go by Qago. Qago went to college with Dep-Dave, Sag-Alessandro, and Emily, and has started dabbling in music, hoping to become the next Skrillex, no doubt. He will be posting mad beatz on the site.

– More art! Depra–Dave and Joe have decided to bring in weekly, or bi-weekly, or monthly sketch-offs where they’ll pick a topic and both draw dueling sketches. The audience can then decide which is better. No promises will be made as to the frequency and timeliness of these sketchy battles.

In conclusion, not much is really different. We just have 3 new people, but will probably still be a low trafficked site with an ill-defined focus.  We will most likely continue to post sports podcasts and horribly critical movie reviews on occasion, just for the fun of it. But we’re trying to grow as people, people. Come along for the ride.


Later days,


P.S- We seriously make no promises regarding frequency of content.

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