2012 NBA Finals Preview: The Podcast!

Join Sagramore and his twin pillars of NBA knowledge, Dr. Alex Rice and not Dr. Jordan Calhoun as they  discuss the impending 2012 NBA Finals. Insightful commentary abound!

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2 thoughts on “2012 NBA Finals Preview: The Podcast!”

  1. I agree with Jordan’s sentiments on Lebron. I kind of see it as a dialectical tension in professional sports between the idea of a “businessman” versus that of a “warrior.” While the businessman makes smart, practical decisions based on odds of success, the warrior rejects these odds or embraces poor odds with the conviction that he will prove that the odds were irrelevant.

    While it would be wrong for me to critique Lebron for making a business decision (It is his life, after all), Lebron, and his supporters, must understand that his decision to join the “favorites” so-to-speak will be seen by those who value athletes as warriors rather than businessmen as cowardly and noncompetitive.

  2. I agree with why a lot of people are down on LeBron, but another aspect is that basketball is not an individual sport. I know it’s easy to paint LeBron as weak, and not wanting to overcome odds and use his individual talent and skill to win…

    But there’s 10 guys on that court, and having a decent team around you is an important factor in “winning.”

    Anyway, as we discussed on the podcast, I totally understand why people are down on LeBron; I was too. Especially given the way he presented his DECISION, which was in the poorest manner imaginable.

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