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A burgeoning media empire, Impetuous Windmills is dedicated to bringing you a wide variety of content on a wide variety of topics, which of course means things are stretched rather thin and there is no cohesive focus, but we’ll be damned if we’re going to let ourselves get pigeonholed into one category of the internet. Marvel at our blog posts that sometimes review recently released movies. Wonder at our podcast that sometimes has special guests that have voiced famous video game characters. Gaze upon our webcomic that takes a really long time to do despite the artist’s aversion to detail and on-model illustration. Oh, and now and then we talk about sports, just to throw you off.

It’s also the haunt of two guy who like to argue about nerdy things but never manage to disagree. Your hosting duo consists of:

Sir Sagramore the impetuous, whose real identity lies hidden behind a semi-transparent veil, occasionally takes time off from his questing and aimless gallivating to contribute to the site. Originally hailing from Italy by way of America, our good knight now resides within the impenetrable oriental mysteries of Japan. Not much is known about our hero that hasn’t been aggrandized by the glare of legend and history though most biographers agree he did slay several dragons and introduce the fist bump into his local gym community.  This valiant knight understands little of technology, and the site is almost totally kept up, paid for, and advertised by his soon-to-be-mentioned partner Deprava, so any complaints relating to that stuff should not be sent to Sagramore. He would be more than willing to accept praise, however. (Real name: Alessandro Allegranzi) Twitter:

Perennially tilting at Windmills, Deprava is a law student who dreams of something more. That something in this case is drawing comics, which many probably consider a step down from the legal profession, but then again there are less jokes about comic artists. Also known by his Christian name H.D. Kittrell, Deprava has never been big into pseudonyms, but a certain someone insisted. He resides in Nashville, TN, and also spends a lot of time reading, playing video games. and watching hilaribad movies with his roommates. He has been to a U2 concert. Deprava is also the technical administrator, so any problems with the site should be directed to him.

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