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Podcast Episode 18: “Your Hosting Hduo.”

At long last, the fabled and once-thought-to-be-accidentally-skipped episode 18 is up and ready to be heard. Many apologies for taking so long to get this posted: there were encoding problems that required much blood and sweat to correct. And it certainly wasn’t recorded earlier this week.

In this episode, we talk about how having knowledge of a subject can influence one’s reception and appreciation of a movie based on that subject. (Not the best explanation, just listen and you’ll get it.) Then we talk about god damn World of Warcraft. But we talk about how it’s addicting, and carefully calibrated to steal your soul. Because it has stolen ours.


Podcast Episode 19, Part 2: “Sharks are Sons of B%#%$”

The second half of episode 19 is now online. Many apologies for this one coming out one day late. In my defense, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is an awesome game.


Podcast Episode 19, Part 1: “Percy Harvin and the Lightning Thief”

Episode 19 of the podcast is now up! We have another guest on the show this week, an actual person of some significance (TM): John Patrick Lowrie, noted actor, video game voice actor, composer, and soon to be published writer. This podcast was so full of awesome we had to divide it in two.

And be sure to check out John’s blog here, where you can learn all about his upcoming book, Dancing With Eternity.

Podcast Episode 17: “I’m Also Eating an Apple”

The newest Impetuous Windmills podcast has arrived. Alas, there is no guest spot this week, so you’ll just have to endure the two of us until next time, when we have a very special guest planned. Get it on iTunes, on the RSS, or here.

Comments and questions are always appreciated. And if you have any topic you want us to discuss or revisit, send me an email at or leave a comment here. Enjoy.