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Podcast Episode 19, Part 2: “Sharks are Sons of B%#%$”

The second half of episode 19 is now online. Many apologies for this one coming out one day late. In my defense, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is an awesome game.


Podcast Episode 19, Part 1: “Percy Harvin and the Lightning Thief”

Episode 19 of the podcast is now up! We have another guest on the show this week, an actual person of some significance (TM): John Patrick Lowrie, noted actor, video game voice actor, composer, and soon to be published writer. This podcast was so full of awesome we had to divide it in two.

And be sure to check out John’s blog here, where you can learn all about his upcoming book, Dancing With Eternity.

Podcast Episode 17: “I’m Also Eating an Apple”

The newest Impetuous Windmills podcast has arrived. Alas, there is no guest spot this week, so you’ll just have to endure the two of us until next time, when we have a very special guest planned. Get it on iTunes, on the RSS, or here.

Comments and questions are always appreciated. And if you have any topic you want us to discuss or revisit, send me an email at or leave a comment here. Enjoy.

Podcast Episode 16: “Gravitass”

The newest episode of the Impetuous Windmills podcast is now live, on iTunes, the RSS, and here.

This week we have a special guest, The Girl, whose presence allows us to revisit some of our previous discussions centered on gender, elevating this show to “our most highbrow podcast ever.”

The Girl has her own blog at, where she chronicles her adventures as member of the JET program in Japan, so check it out.

Also, big announcement coming soon…maybe.

Now on iTunes for real

So go ahead and ignore the post below this once, since now the Impetuous Windmills Podcast is on iTunes proper.  Just go to the iTunes store, search for Impetuous Windmills, and you’ll find us quick and easy.  Subscribe, leave a good review, and enjoy our stock windmill drawing.   Or, if you don’t go in for that iTunes nonsense, you can subscribe directly to the podcast feed by clicking the RSS button on the right side of this very page.  Either way, now there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be listening to it.

Welcome to the new site

A hearty hello and welcome to our millions of fans and followers. The Impetuous Windmills have broken free from the WordPress yoke and started up our own website. I know it still looks like WordPress, but rest assured we’re just running the WP script through our own site.

More to the point, our podcasts are now directly available on iTunes, so all that rapidshare bunk is done with.  To get access, just go to iTunes and to “subscribe to podcast.” Then hit advanced settings and type in


-Ser Sagramore LeDesyrus