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Podcast Episode 32 “Millions of Peach Children”

The rivers overflow with them

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Opening Song: X-Men: The Animated Series theme song.
Closing Song: “Reach Out to the Truth (instrumental version)” – Persona 4 OST

Links for this episode:

Ubisoft’s “We Dare” to ruin parties for PS3/Wii owners, via Joystiq. Link
Atlus: “No Plans” to bring Catherine West, via The Escapist. Link
First Details on Sony’s Weird Playstation Tablet, via Kotaku Austraila. Link
X-Men: First Class – Official Trailer, via YouTube. Link

“Godfather Death,” via Grimm Stories. Link
“The Robber Bridegroom,” via Grimm Stories. Link
“Mr. Fox (An English Tale),” via SurLaLune. Link

Ghosts of Ascalon, by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grub, via Link
Tales from Earthsea, by Ursula K. LeGuin, via Amazon. Link
House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski, via Amazon. Link

Podcast Episode 29: “In Theoretical Perfect World”

Episode 29 of the Impetuous Windmills Podcast is now available for download at the normal places.

We welcome back perennial guest host Sethrakles, now recently married, and devote the whole show to video games. First we discuss the effect cross-platform development has had on PC titles and PC development in general, and then we take up the question of whether it is right to copy another games mechanics and release more or less the same game under a different title. Major conclusion: don’t beta test your game by allowing the entire Internet to have access to it.


Podcast Episode 27: “Sherpent.”

The latest episode of the Impetuous Windmills Podcast is now live. Feel free to get it at the usual places: here on our RSS, on iTunes (search Impetuous Windmills), or direct link here.

In this episode, we give 2010 a proper send-off by listing our top video games, movies, books, and music of the year. We also briefly discuss television, disturbing Japanese girl bands and their societal implications, and get sappy and sentimental for a moment. So enjoy that, and be prepared for bigger and better things in 2011.

Podcast Episode 25: “Markstone Will Never Catch On”

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Opening Song: “Still Alive (8-bit Remix)” – Portal OST
Closing Song: “The Device Has Been Modified” – Victims of Science

Episode 25 of the podcast is now live. And this time, we have a special guest of note, that you may have in fact heard of. The voice of GlaDOS from Valve’s blockbuster game Portal, Ellen McClain! She chats with us about the experience of making Portal, the pressure everyone at Valve feels about Portal 2, and what it’s like being something of a video game celebrity.

ATTENTION: The podcast has now been fixed. It should play correctly all the way through.

Podcast Episode 18: “Your Hosting Hduo.”

At long last, the fabled and once-thought-to-be-accidentally-skipped episode 18 is up and ready to be heard. Many apologies for taking so long to get this posted: there were encoding problems that required much blood and sweat to correct. And it certainly wasn’t recorded earlier this week.

In this episode, we talk about how having knowledge of a subject can influence one’s reception and appreciation of a movie based on that subject. (Not the best explanation, just listen and you’ll get it.) Then we talk about god damn World of Warcraft. But we talk about how it’s addicting, and carefully calibrated to steal your soul. Because it has stolen ours.