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But What We Really Want to Do… Episode 5: Captain America COLON The Winter Soldier and Amazing Spider-man 2




We’re back, and this time we’re talkin’ bout blockbusters. Not video store chains that closed down, but the Hollywood movie kind. First up are the early birds: Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There is one big spoiler, but you’ll be warned in podcast, so don’t worry. Enjoy, but if you have any problems with the podcast, please email any questions/complaints to someone who cares.

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Weekly Sketch-off #2: Captain America

This entry is technically for last week, but due to several unrelated problems for both of us it was delayed until this week. So just pretend it’s last Friday, and expect another entry this Friday.

After last week, we decided that two drawings per person was a bit much, so we decided to limit it to one choice instead of one choice apiece. This will be the format going forward, and should alleviate future delays based on the amount of work required.

Anyway, this week we (and by we I mostly mean Alessandro/Sagramore) chose Captain America, long-time Marvel Comics staple hero, leader of the Avengers, and one of the stars of the recently released Avengers movie. Joe and I decided to focus on the movie costumes as opposed to comic book costumes, and by some serendipity we picked different versions: Joe chose the WWII version, and I chose the modern version. Also by some weird serendipity, we more or less chose the exact same pose, although our reasons for that decision differ.

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