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NBA 101: Kwame to Kaminsky


We’re back! Took a little bit of a break, but now we’re here to talk about NBA history again. We’re already discussed a draft, now we turn our attention to THE draft. The general concept, and more specifically, NBA draft eligibility. What’s that all about? Listen, and find out. Enjoy!

*Warning: bad, bad language in this one.

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Join Sagramore and his panel of NBA experts as they recap the 2012-2013 season so far. Also a brief look back at Kevin Garnett’s career and Travis Knight’s transcendent rookie season. There might be something in there about Lebron James, too.


<–This is Travis Knight.

2011 NBA Playoff Preview Part I: Eastern Conference



Seeds 1 and 8— Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers (Bulls win in 4)

The Bulls are a much better team than Indiana. That is an objective fact. The Pacers are a division foe, and have been heating up lately, but I just can’t give them a win the series. I’m not feeling charitable. Who are we kidding? The Bulls will dominate this series. Chicago is deeper, and more athletic. They also have the only superstar in the series, the very-probably-2011-MVP, Derrick Rose. Plus, Carlos Boozer should still be healthy; I don’t think the oncoming unavoidable freak injury will play in until at least halfway through the second round, though it will happen eventually. Indiana is a nice story, and the team is set up pretty well going forward, (cap space, young pieces etc.) but this team is just not ready to make any noise in the playoffs right now. People really seem to want Danny Granger to be a superstar, but unfortunately he plays like a great #2 option. Roy Hibbert has really come along this year, but he’s still crazy inconsistent, and I can’t see him steadily produce in a playoff series. Tyler Hansbrough has been OK lately, as well, but he’s also an awkward white guy, and unless you’re Larry Bird, that formula doesn’t work in the NBA. Mike Dunleavy is back in the rotation, and he brings some good things to the table, but OH MY GOD the Pacers are boring. I’m done. The Bulls are the #1 seed for a reason, and they’ll win the series with ease.

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