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NBA 101: White Chocolate


The 2011-2002 Sacramento Kings almost beat the LA Lakers. With a 3-2 lead, the #1 seeded Kings headed to Staples Center to close the deal, but what followed was one of the most controversial games in NBA history. 27 calls against the Kings in the 4th quarter had fans and players crying foul. Let’s examine what happened in the game.

*Warning: bad, bad language in this one.

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Steve Nash’s Baggage: A Look at the 2014 NBA Season




Dr. Alex Rice (PhD Hoopology) joins Sagramore once more to talk NBA basketball. It’s another unscientific look forward into the 2014-2015 NBA season. We’re going all the way to the Finals, where either the Spurs will face the Cavs or the Hawks will face the Grizzlies. Pretty sure those are the only 2 options.




Join Sagramore and Dr. Alex Rice (PhD NBAology) as they discuss the season’s hottest story lines and the impending NBA playoffs. Keep in mind we recorded this about 30 minutes before Kobe’s heel broke. Luckily, we only spent about 30 minutes talking about the Lakers. Also, none of the playoff seedings match up with the actual playoff seedings. Enjoy.


2012 NBA Playoffs: The Podcast

Alessandro, Alex, and Jordan, The Big Three of free internet NBA podcasts, are back and excited for the 2012 NBA playoffs. Join your humble hosts as they preview the upcoming battles for the NBA title!

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NBA 2012 Mid-Season Report

Join Sagramore and his 2 NBA expert friends Alex and Jordan as they explore NBA topics old and new. Brian Scalabrine fans, you won’t want to miss this!

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