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NBA 101: White Chocolate


The 2011-2002 Sacramento Kings almost beat the LA Lakers. With a 3-2 lead, the #1 seeded Kings headed to Staples Center to close the deal, but what followed was one of the most controversial games in NBA history. 27 calls against the Kings in the 4th quarter had fans and players crying foul. Let’s examine what happened in the game.

*Warning: bad, bad language in this one.

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NBA 2013-2014 Season Preview: THE PODCAST!





Dr. Alex Rice (PhD, NBology) and Joe Moss (Working on a Masters in Hoopenomics) join Sagramore to preview the upcoming NBA season in a special podcast 2-parter.  Will we see the beginning of an Atlanta Hawks dynasty? Will the Memphis Grizlies reach their 3rd NBA Finals in a row? Tune in to find out.







Join Sagramore and Dr. Alex Rice (PhD NBAology) as they discuss the season’s hottest story lines and the impending NBA playoffs. Keep in mind we recorded this about 30 minutes before Kobe’s heel broke. Luckily, we only spent about 30 minutes talking about the Lakers. Also, none of the playoff seedings match up with the actual playoff seedings. Enjoy.


2012-2013 NBA Season Preview/Discussion Podcast

Join Sagramore and special guest host Jordan Calhoun as they brave the waters of the yet nascent NBA season. Predictions, observations, and old-people jokes abounds!

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2012 NBA Playoffs: The Podcast

Alessandro, Alex, and Jordan, The Big Three of free internet NBA podcasts, are back and excited for the 2012 NBA playoffs. Join your humble hosts as they preview the upcoming battles for the NBA title!

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2011 NBA Playoff Preview Part II: Western Conference


Seeds 1 and 8— San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies (Spurs win in 5)

I really want to pick Memphis. They are such an athletic group, and I love me some Z-Bo. Do people know he’s averaging 20-12 this year? And he didn’t even make the All-Star team…shame on us all! I understand he’s kind of chubby and more than a bit crazy, but that boy can do some good things on the court. Mike Conley has been playing like a halfway-adequate point guard this year (almost 7 assists per game), so we no longer have to scratch our heads and wonder why he is employed by an NBA team. Marc Gasol, though unflashy and completely uninteresting, is an above-average center. So what if watching paint dry is more fun? He blocks balls and rebounds. I also think Tony Allen has been a really underrated presence this year; he’s got that swagger only an enormous, golden championship ring can afford. Also, Battier has brought some real tenacity into the fold. The team plays defense now. However, they’re missing Rudy Gay, who’s their second best player and really benefited from the TEAM USA experience last summer. His absence is going to hurt them. Also, let’s not forget they’re the 8th seed. It’s no coincidence the Spurs won 16 more games this year. I think in the history of all time, an 8th seed has beaten the 1 seed twice in the NBA. The Nuggets may have done it sometime in the 90’s (the beforetime), and, of course, the Warriors famously did it against the Mavs in 2007, after Dirk’s well-deserved-MVP season (sarcasm). Seriously though, does anyone think the Spurs are going to choke away a first round series? Right. I know Duncan is old, and I’m fairly certain the team is hobbled; one to all of their players might be injured, but they have one the NBA’s top 3 coaches, veterans with loads of playoff and championship experience, and…it’s Memphis. Come on, now. As in the East, there’s a reason one team is the #1 seed, and the other is the 8th. The Spurs might drop a couple of games, but they’re taking the series.

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