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The team up of the century! Join Sagramore and Deprava as they discuss various and sundry topics, including but not limited to: video games, books, movies, music (not really), feminism, politics, world events, television, and whatever else we can think of right before we start recording. We also frequently have special guests, who may or may not be our friends from college, or relatives who are coincidentally famous. One things is for sure: we can never disagree on anything, even when we’re trying to do so.

Though this is the archive of the podcast, you should know that before episode 32 or so, there were no notes or music listings for the episode, and the posts themselves were rather sparse. I (Deprava) would suggest that, if you want to peruse the older shows, that you do so by looking them up on iTunes, where there are better descriptions. I have gone back to the old posts and inserted the player so you can play the episode from the post, but there probably won’t be a comprehensive archive revision to give each old show a header image and music listing.

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Episode 42 – “Tron Bonne was the Best Selling PS1 Game”

Episode 41 – “I Struggle With Time”

Episode 40 – “Add a ‘U'”

Episode 39 – “In Memory of Sethrakles”

Interlude – NBA Finals 2011 Preview

Episode 38 – “New School Sonic has Cover Mechanics”

Episode 37 – “Just Clothe the Man”

Interlude – NBA Playoffs 2011 Preview

Episode 36 – “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Episode 35 – “Infinite Gameplay”

Episode 34 – “Assburgers”

Episode 33 – “Podcast Pentecost”

Episode 32 – “Millions of Peach Children”

Episode 31 – “We Suck at Math”

Episode 30 – “The N-Gage 2”

Episode 29 – “In Theoretical Perfect World”

Episode 28 – “Shroedinger’s Country”

Episode 27 – “Sherpent”

Episode 26 – “Thirteen Year Old Market Speculators”

Episode 25 – “Markstone Will Never Catch On”

Episode 24 – “Your Brainhole Must Be Huge”

Episode 23 – “Today We’ll Be Discussing Quilting”

Episode 22 – “It’s Gonna Be Scary”

Episode 21 – “Pause for Bad Joke”

Episode 20 – “He’s Like a Kid Out There”

Episode 19, part 2 – “Sharks are Sons of B—-s”

Episode 19, part 1 – “Percy Harvin and the Lightning Thief”

Episode 18 – “Your Hosting Hduo”

Episode 17 – “I’m Also Eating an Apple”

Episode 16 – “Gravitass”

Episode 15 – “Canada is Hell”

Episode 14 – “Worshiping Kulresha”

Episode 13 – “H. P. Lucas”

Episode 12 – “Just a Small Town Sharktopus”

Episode 1-11

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